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Wentworth Miller 2013

There’s no way that this name you haven’t heard before. This super hot hunk, who twisted thousands of girls’ minds around the world is Prison Break star, Wentworth Earl Miller 2013. Besides the huge popularity that this TV series brought him, he’s not so often in main focus, so it would be nice to get to know this sweetie a bit more.



Wentworth Earl Miller 2013


Life and so

Wentworth Earl Miller 2013 was born in 1972, and has got more than complicated but utmost interesting origin. His mother is white (Russian, French, Dutch, Lebanese and Syrian origin) and his father is black (African-American, English, Jamaican, German, Jewish and Cherokee origin). Wow, that’s impressive, and maybe this “mixture” is the reason he’s so irresistible, and has some mysterious attractiveness.



Wentworth Earl Miller 2013 is an actor, model, screenwriter and producer. Before the epic success of Prison Break, he had some smaller roles. He worked in some anti-drug campaigns. He’s allegedly deathly allergic to animals. He enjoys listening to classics. In 2007 People’s declared him as one of the most beautiful and sexiest men alive, and still there are too many controversies about his sexuality.



Prison Break craze

The thing that brought Wentworth Earl Miller 2013 worldwide success is Prison Break, television serial drama, which was broadcast for four seasons, from 2005 to 2009. The story is about two brothers, one who was sent to death row but was innocent, and his only hope is another one (Went), who deliberately surrendered himself in order to help both of them. His character of Michael Scofield is especially interesting for full upper body tattoo- on the back and on the front, but fake, of course. It took about four hours to apply that masterpiece (and two more to scrub it off afterwards!), and lots of people when seeing him so heavily tattooed on the street would look at him with suspicion. The whole project, and Wentworth Earl Miller 2013, got many nominations and awards, and brought him big fame, and numerous fans among girls, who dedicated him some interesting (maybe pathetic is more appropriate word) blogs, and drawings.


Wentworth Earl Miller Wentworth Miller 2013


Plans for this year

So, after break that came after The “Break”, Wentworth Earl Miller 2013 brought us a big surprise! This year he is bound to have his debut as screenwriter and producer, and we’re talking about Stoker. It’s an upcoming British- American psychological thriller, starring Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode and many more, which will be released in March this year. Went wrote in using pseudonym Ted Foulke, because he wanted the scripts find their own way, to swim and sink neutrally. We can’t wait to see what has Wentworth Earl Miller 2013 debut prepared for us!


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