Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013, Brasil

Rio de Janeiro 2013 Carnaval

Hey, people, all over the world, get ready to dance all day, all night long, because we’re gonna surrender ourselves to world’s greatest party, and, yeah, Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013 is what we’re talking about! If you wanna feel all the beauties of the world, give all your senses the utmost enjoyment by visiting this never-ending and unforgettable party!

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013

What’s Carnaval all about?

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013 actually dates back to 1723. Typical parade consists of revelers, floats and adornments from numerous samba schools in Rio (about 200). One of the main purposes of street parade is some kind of competition between “rival” (better to say, co-sisters’) samba schools. They chose a theme to try and then they build and make the best floats, costumes, lyrics, aesthetics, and with help of “bateria” (a drumming band that follows them) represent the best of themselves. Each school’s group has six to eight floats and up to four thousand representatives in each group. Wow, imagine all this colorful sight, number of excited representatives along with number of people from all over the world to enjoy this unique energy and beauty, all the stuff which make Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013 a place you mustn’t miss, under any circumstances!


Music styles on carnaval

The most popular music played on Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013, and actually any Carnaval, which is also the official music of Brazil is samba. This music has many variations, from smooth and sexy samba songs all up to explosive and energetic samba played on drums, mostly during Carnaval. No matter which style is about, the feeling is always the same- it evokes some vibrant and warm mood in all the listeners. New style, which became popular recently is called pagoda, with new instruments, new slang, and new vibrations. Before this type, bossa nova reflected the mood of the poor ones, who live in favelas.


Axe is a kind of musical movement, also played during Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013. It’s more like brand name, with some pop-rock twist, and actually this name which means “good vibration” was used as a derogatory term for pretentious dance style.

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 2013 Carnaval

More to persuade you!

There’s no better way to feel one nation than to see their folklore, and that’s what samba means to Brazil. Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013, from 8th to 12th February, is the best place for that! All the intricately designed costumes, catchy music, people smiling wherever you turn your head, all the colors around, you won’t be able to stop your body from going with the flow! So, go and enjoy Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013, world’s most famous manifestation of freedom and happiness! You will thank yourself eternally for paying a visit to this Carnaval, believe in it.

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