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Dido is and was a popular singer. Known for her peaceful songs and down to earth lyrics, the singer became quite popular on her own. But her part in the song “Stan” by Eminem propelled her to new heights. The following article is a short biography on Dido, who the singer is and what she has been up lately, in 2013. Feel free to comment with any fresh news on Dido.

A little bit on Dido’s biography

Why is the singer named Dido, is it a nickname or a real name? The name is real, but greatly abbreviated by the singer. Her full name is Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong, which could be awkward to put on records and has caused the singer enough stress for her to change it.
The singer hails from the UK, London to be exact and has had a colorful childhood full of musical education. She studied law but took up music full time down the road. She is a child of parents that were and are involved with music.

Download your own Dido wallpaper for your PC.

Download your own Dido wallpaper for your PC.


The humble beginnings of Dido reach into the year of 1995. At that time she released a portfolio of songs under the name Odds & Ends. Although some songs were not finished, the quality of the music brought her to the attention of a record company, which signed her up a year later. In 1999 the songs from her demo album were included (included or remixed) in the No angel album, which was a commercial success and reached notable positions on various music charts. You may not known this but Dido’s album was a huge success (meaning a number one album) in England and around the world.
The singer repeated her success her second album, Life for Rent which was again a huge hit in England and the entire UK. As it seems, England, the country the singer hails from, loves her music style and supports her heavily.

Sadly her third album, released in 2008, named Safe Trip Home was not as big of a hit as her previous two. Although not a complete bust (it was praised by the artist community, but did not do that well commercially), the album was not as big as her previous ones.

In 2013, the singer released a new album. See the next paragraph for more about Dido 2013.

Dido in 2013

Dido’s latest album is named Girl Who Got Away. Just like the previous albums, the success was the greatest in England. The latest album is successful as far as sales go, but has not been promoted as heavily as it should. A thing of note is that the album is a bit lighter on the lyrics as the previous, more in depth albums. A welcome change and development from the band. Is it evolution? What do you think? Comment below on how you like the latest Dido album.

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